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Shadow Smile Band 2024 .jpg

*Announcement from Shadow Smile*

After five incredible years, it’s time to close the coffin lid on the band that has been our lives. 

This has been a truly incredible ride and we are so appreciative of every one who has been to a show, streamed our music, bought merch or supported the band in any way. 

All shows except Steel Paws Festival will now be cancelled and refunds issued. We will be celebrating with you one last time on our home turf. 

We are truly sorry to anyone who is let down by the cancellations but we feel this is the right thing to do for us at this time. 

The music remains and we hope you keep listening. Writing and recording these songs has been a labour of love and it has meant so much that they have resonated with you. 

Lastly, thank you to Eve for all the support in running the band and to Dan for always being there to help bring our vision to life. 

We love you. 



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