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Our debut album is coming and we NEED YOU to help make it happen! We have been writing the best material we've ever made and we're now ready to record it. As we've begun to grow, several record labels have come to us with offers and deals but there's a problem: they want to decide what music we put out and who we target as fans.

We think you know us well enough to understand that's not how we roll. We have the best fans in the world and we write music for YOU! We don't want middle-men telling us what you guys want to hear because we know damn well what you expect from Shadow Smile.

With that in mind, we are crowdfunding this debut album. Now, we wouldn't expect handouts for nothing and we want to make this the absolute best experience for you, so we're offering some incredible perks ranging from a pre-order of the album, exclusive merch and Skype instrument lessons all the way through to coming to the studio with us to perform backing vocals or a Shadow Smile show live in your living room.

This is a chance to become a part of the Shadow Smile community in a whole new way. We will be opening a private group on Facebook and a private page on Instagram for fans who pledge over a certain amount which will feature exclusive music, videos and merch that nobody else can access. (It will be accessible to other fans on a subscription basis). 

We truly feel that it's time to bet on ourselves and it's time to bet on YOU as a fan base. We PROMISE this will be epic on a whole new level.