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What does a VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS sound like? Music carries messages and meaning, provoking INDEPENDENT THINKING to offer a choice. This is where SHADOW SMILE exists as a collaborative adventure for both audience and band culminating in the idea of remaining connected, particularly in these darkest of days. 

In that spirit of connection, the band is creating A SINGLE PER MONTH and inviting the like-minded to come together at every point of release in a community event, listening to the audience feedback and responding with new music.  

When touring, live performance and continuous connection became a global challenge, SHADOW SMILE realised that they needed to affect positive change and remain connected to their audience during this most difficult period in recent history.  Ever changing messages now required ever evolving responses and SHADOW SMILE felt they could do this best within their music, offering an ANTIDOTE TO THE ENIGMA by making the decision NOT to release an album but to continually write and release music that reflects the zeitgeist; generation now!

MARIONETTE was the first single of this era and is a response to the acceptance of blind control, how those who steer our course use messages to deceive us from independent thinking. It was a moment in which to reset and reformat how we processed that information, reassessing how we see and accept those things that happen in front of us all. 

As situations unfold in the world, SHADOW SMILE remain vigilant and determined to be the eyes, ears and VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS. They pledge to continue to release a single per month to the end of the year and see this through with the audience, unified in their message. They continually remain connected through this ethos, taking this shared state of mind to their live audience, reaffirming the solid bond with their community.

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